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    Gardening on the Slopes of the Himalayas

    Today we're visiting Tanya Kukreti's garden in India. In four years, my garden went from nothing to this. I live on the slopes of the Himalayas in northern India. We…

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    A Friendly Garden for Birds, Butterflies, and Squirrels

    Welcome to Kamalika Chakrabarty’s garden. Our garden in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, consists of a border along the front porch and a side garden that surrounds a patio. We use…

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    Worth the Wait

    Earlier in the year, Christine Saint-Pierre in Victoriaville, Quebec, shared some photos of butterflies enjoying her garden in previous years while patiently waiting for summer to arrive. Well, summer has…

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    From Barren Lot to Pollinator Paradise

    My name is Barb Mrgich. I am a Master Gardener in Adams County, Pennsylvania, which is in Zone 6a. My husband and I bought our 3/8-acre lot in 1989. The…

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    Making a Welcoming Garden

    Today we’re visiting the garden of Lilian Morourke. My favorite plants in summer have to be daisies and phlox. They put on such a show for most of the summer…

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    A Garden for Frogs, Toads, Bees, and Butterflies

    Kimberly Hennelly is sharing photos today of her garden and the various nonhuman visitors she welcomes into the space. I wanted to share some photos of the frogs and pollinators…

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    Learning From Gardening in Different Climates

    Today we’re visiting Pam Alvord’s garden in Greensboro, North Carolina. I have loved gardening from an early age. I was certainly just an amateur, but I appreciated and gleaned ideas…

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    Filling an Arid Garden With Color

    Suzanne M. Stewart shared photos today from her garden: I am submitting some photos from Glenwood Springs, which is on the western slope (best slope) of Colorado. My husband, Dave…

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    Supporting Players

    Today we’re sharing more photos from Connie Prendergast’s garden in Sedgewick, Alberta. Sometimes we gardeners feel like we could have the garden of our dreams if only we were in…

  • Golden marguerites flower

    Perennial Daisies

    Cheerful, versatile perennials brighten the garden for weeks on end