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    All We Need is Our Lemon Cucumbers

    Every year since I can remember, we've over-planted cucumbers. This year, we ended the cuke parade.

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    Summer Greek Salad

    Having just recently spent a few weeks in July on the isle of Syros, I found out what a true Greek salad is. This salad is placed on the table…

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    Summer Musings

    It is that laid-back lazy hazy days of summer time. It is almost too hot to go out to the garden during the day, so many gardeners get up early…

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    Heirloom seed popularity contest

    Learn how we choose which seeds make it into our seed catalog - and find out what "old" seeds are "new" in the 2010 catalog.

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    All About Pickling Cucumbers

    Compact varieties grow fast in almost any amount of space, in this article you'll learn how to select, plant, water, and use this versatile vegetable without pickling them. You'll also…

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    Controlling Cucumber Beetles

    Adult cucumber beetles and their larval form, the corn rootworm, can wreak havoc with corn, squash, sweet potatoes, and the leaves of legumes. Fortunately for the gardener, there are several…