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    Revisiting Avis’s Maryland Garden

    Today we’re visiting southern Maryland in the garden of Avis Veselya. I shared a few pictures of my garden several years back but thought I'd send some updated pictures. They…

  • Design

    Celebrating Spring Bulbs

    Today we’re headed all the way to Nina Žunić’s garden on Hvar, Croatia, which Nina calls the sunniest island of Croatia, to enjoy some beautiful flowering bulbs. Hvar is across…

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    Food for Pollinators and People

    Today we’re visiting Ankica Zander’s garden in Michigan. My husband and I moved into this cottage some 10 years ago. The cottage had been in his family for just under…

  • How-To

    Rows of Bulbs Come Tines at a Time

    Fall is the time to plant spring bulbs, but it is a back breaking chore. With full days and schedules, anything that makes planting bulbs easier is more than welcome!…

  • Crocus sativus


    The Crocus genus is comprised of about 80 species of dwarf, cormous, clump-forming perennials found in a wide range of habitats.