container plants

  • close up of trailing succulent with pink-tipped leaves

    Ebony’s Favorite Succulents

    I’m Ebony, and I’m from southwestern Louisiana. I’ve been growing succulents for nearly six years, and it’s been such a great hobby for me. I’m a wife, mom, and pharmacist,…

  • evergreen plants in containers on either side of front steps of home

    The Best Dwarf Evergreens for Winter Containers

    No garden is complete without at least a few containers for seasonal color. I always specify locations for planters when I create a new landscape design, with the intention of…

  • Episode 143: Best Of LAAP: Our Favorite Guests

    Episode 143: Best of LAAP: Our Favorite Guests

    We’re nearing our 150th episode, and that has meant a lot of plants discussed. But it’s also meant a lot of great guest appearances. As you know, each episode we…

  • various succulent plants in small containers

    Renata’s Alabama Garden

    I am Renata Puckett. I plant mainly gifted and some bought plants in Morgan County, Alabama. I grow and divide them to fill my country gardens around the house. I…

  • various container plantings on a patio table

    Revisiting Lisa’s North Carolina Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Lisa Chapman. Hi from Waxhaw, North Carolina (Zone 8a/7b). Thank you for featuring me in the GPOD this past November. It was absolutely the best early…

  • window box container with lots of flowers and small solar lights

    Allison’s Container Creations

    My name is Allison Pond, and I’m the owner of Primo Pots and Planters in Moorestown, New Jersey. This is a chapter 2 career for me after 20 years in…

  • diverse container plantings with bright pink flowers and foliage plants

    An Artist’s Garden Containers

    Today’s photos are from Jolene, who is sharing the beautiful garden that her mother, Tina Iosca, has created. We’ve been lucky enough to visit this beautiful garden before: The Secret…

  • Episode 137: Field Trip to The Farmer’s Daughter Nursery

    Episode 137: Field Trip to The Farmer’s Daughter Nursery

    Visiting a great nursery is inspirational. Colors and textures draw you in, and wish-list plants beckon to you from the benches and displays. You may even encounter a plant that…

  • Angel Wings sea cabbage

    A Versatile Silver Plant That Is a Unique Alternative to Dusty Miller

    I finally made the trek last spring to search for annuals at a small, out-of-the-way greenhouse in upstate New York that I had heard about for years but had never…

  • growing echeverias

    How to Grow Echeverias

    The inward spiral of rosette-forming plants always seems to draw us in. From Romanesco broccoli to golden barrel cactus (Echinocactus grusonii, Zones 9–12), many plants grow with mathematical precision that…