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    Visit Every Corner of the Garden Center When Choosing Plants for a Mixed Container

    One of the great things about being a container designer is the amount of time I get to spend in nurseries looking for unique and interesting plant material. Strolling through…

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    Winter Container Inspiration

    When the snowflakes begin to fly and the ground becomes frozen solid, many gardeners start to lament the end of the season. Sadly, for much of the country, the planting…

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    Secrets to Wow-Worthy Containers

    Containers are the answer for many landscape quandaries. Does your house seem too barren? Add a few containers to help soften edges and add some color. Do you have a…

  • Autumn Pots Minus the Mums

    Autumn Pots Minus the Mums

    Fall mums are great, no doubt about it. They’re cheery and inexpensive, and they make a colorful impact when most plants are fading into fall oblivion. But come November, aren’t…