Winter Container Inspiration

When the snowflakes begin to fly and the ground becomes frozen solid, many gardeners start to lament the end of the season. Sadly, for much of the country, the planting and digging are mostly over. The one thing that can keep the gardening season going in the colder months—regardless of where you live—is winter container gardening. By now it’s safe to assume that those fall pots are looking pretty bedraggled. Perhaps you still have a few dead mums hanging out on the front stoop (no judgments!) It can be tough to get all those fall chores done in a timely fashion. But now is definitely the time to grab that trowel, give those mums the heave-ho, and get your pots ready for the holiday season ahead.

Winter containers are not simply limited to cut evergreen branches. In this collection of articles you’ll find an assortment of inspiring designs that use living plants, garden gleanings, and even some unique decorative accents. We never knew that dried seedpods and glass mulch could be so gorgeous. The designers behind these pots are from milder locales like Seattle but also places like Minnesota, where winter containers need to look good from December to April—or even May depending on the year!

Dive into the collection below and you’re sure to be inspired to go beyond the typical holly branches stuck into the tops of your entry urns. Much to our surprise, one of these designers even managed to make dwarf Alberta spruces (Picea glauca ‘Conica’, Zones 3–6) look cool for Christmas. Here is a sampling of what else you’ll find to make the gardening off-season especially holly and jolly:

  • Tips on using hardy plants and fresh-cut boughs in the perfect ratio
  • Designs to fit every style from modern to traditional
  • Upcycled material suggestions to make your containers truly unique
  • Durable plant options to carry you and your pots into the new year