Container Combinations

  • vintage french iron planter before plants

    12 Elevated Garden-Container Designs Where the Pot Is the Star

    Containers add a pop of garden interest almost anywhere and in any season. One of my garden mentors, Thomas Hobbs, once said, “To design in a container, you must love…

  • container next to a garden bench with purple and yellow flowers

    Container Planting Inspiration From Katie

    Today we’re visiting with Katie Verdieck in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Katie is a landscape designer, and she specializes in creating beautiful containers. They’re great inspiration for every gardener because no…

  • long-lasting containers

    Designing Long-Lasting Containers

    We are all probably familiar with this scenario: You’ve created a beautiful container planting that brings you joy in spring, only to have that joy turn to dismay when the…

  • Fall in Love With Unexpected Autumn Color

    Fall in Love With Unexpected Autumn Color

    Autumn is a glorious yet often overlooked season for container creativity. As summer annuals wane, garden centers lure us with rows and rows of ornamental cabbage and stiffly budded mums…

  • designing containers

    Designing Great Containers

    A little experimenting at the nursery yields better combinations at home

  • container with light pink flowers and peach foliage

    Cherry’s Hanging Baskets and Window Boxes

    Welcome to day two of Cherry's awesome container creations! Today we're seeing her hanging baskets and window boxes. In case you missed it, here's what she said yesterday: "I'm excited…