• garden pond waterfall

    A Garden Jay Made in North Carolina

    We’re visiting with Jay Sifford today. We’ve visited his personal gardens in North Carolina before (Summer in Jay's Garden), but today he’s sharing a garden he created for one of…

  • Design

    If Fairies Lived in a Conifer, This Would Be It

    Can you think of a more boring and overused plant than dwarf Alberta spruce? Normally, it would never be a featured “Gotta Have It!” plant— but this is no ordinary…

  • Article

    Plant Winter Interest With Conifers

    One of my favorite ways to get ideas for my own yard is to visit public gardens. Great public gardens give me a chance to see mature specimens of trees,…

  • Design

    Conifers for Any Size Landscape

    Evergreen conifers provide the bones for any landscape. They offer a variety of colors, textures and habits all year long. While conifers are sometimes relegated to the rear or boundary…

  • Design

    Composing With Conifers

    For a dynamic look, contrast different shapes and colors