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    Easy Recipe for Candied Jalapenos

    Have you ever had a hankering for a condiment that’s a combination of sweet, hot and a little tart? Then this easy recipe for candied jalapenos is sure to suit…

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    Recipes for Easy Refrigerator Pickles

    It’s easy to transform garden-fresh cucumbers into crisp and crunchy homemade pickles. Here are two simple recipes to help you savor summer even more.

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    This is a classic version of the famous Italian sauce. Excerpted from Basil: An Herb Lover’s Guide by Thomas DeBaggio and Susan Belsinger, Interweave Press, 1996.

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    Za’atar: An Exotic Herb Blend

    Try the recipe below and sprinkle it in or on everything from pita bread to steamed or grilled vegetables, grains, legumes or beans, chicken or fish, eggs, salads, soups and…

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    Roasted Chile and Herb Sauce

    This is a recipe using roasted chiles in a delicious South-of-the-Border green herb sauce. It has similarities to both pipián verde from Mexico and pesto from Italy, with a Southwestern…

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    How to Grind Mustard Seeds and Make Mustard

    Learn how to grind and store mustard seeds, and get ideas for using them in your cooking.