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    Grow Your Own Microgreens

    Since I have been growing microgreens commercially, I have seen their popularity take off. Countless fine restaurants have added them to their menus, and customers have started seeking them out…

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    Use Branches to Add Color to a Container

    At Chanticleer, a public garden near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, my main job as a horticulturist is to help create and maintain the innovative plantings that have made the garden famous. But…

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    Is Square Foot Gardening a Good System?

    I am not here to bash square foot gardening (SFG). Any system that has been encouraging people to grow their own food for the past 40 years should be applauded.…

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    Basics of Square Foot Gardening

    While in general, our experts do not recommend square foot gardening, there are some redeeming qualities to this method. Learn the basics of square foot gardening as well as some…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Raised Bed Installation & Building Tips

    Putting in a raised bed garden? Here are some “builders tips” to make the project easier.

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    Build Your Own Classic Compost Bin

    This compost bin design has been popular for years. It features convenient removable sides and maximum air circulation.

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    Potting Soil Put to the Test

    In their natural environment, plants get everything they need to stay healthy from the soil: water, nutrients, and air. Most well-established plants living in soil rarely need more than an…

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    Demystifying Compost: More Composting Questions Answered

    Get the real scoop on your common questions

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    More Compost, Less Work

    Here's a space-saving setup that eliminates the need for turning

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    Improve Your Soil by Raking Less

    Mowing leaves into your lawn can improve its vigor, and unraked leaves in planting beds don’t smother shade-tolerant perennials