Colorful Garden

  • garden bed along the front of a house with pink and orange flowers in blooms

    July in Tingshu’s Front Garden

    We’re in Massachusetts today, visiting Tingshu Hu’s garden. Tingshu has been sharing scenes from her garden at different times of the year. Today we’ve moved into July and are looking…

  • garden border along a fence with pink and yellow flowers

    Alana’s Ohio Garden

    My name is Alana and I garden in Columbus, Ohio. My current garden is about 7 years old and I’m constantly tweaking it. One of my favorite parts of gardening…

  • garden with deep borders

    Designing Deep Garden Beds for Privacy and Interest in Your Outdoor Space

    When I moved to Michigan 13 years ago, I was ­excited by the endless plant possibilities afforded by my new Zone 6 location. Compared to the secluded 5-acre garden I…

  • garden bed with pink and purple flowers and foliage

    Lynne’s Garden in New Zealand

    We’re off to New Zealand today to visit Lynne Leslie’s garden. We’ve visited before (Lynne's Garden in New Zealand), and it is always fun to see what she is growing.…

  • sunny perennial garden border with bright orange and yellow flowers

    Bill’s Pittsburgh Garden

    My name is Bill Goff, and I garden in the suburbs of Pittsburgh in Zone 6b. I am a retired musician. After retirement, I took the classes needed to become…

  • wide view of the garden with lots of bright flowers and colorful foliage

    Glendon’s Rhode Island Garden

    My name is Glendon Elliott. My garden is in Jamestown, Rhode Island, on Conanicut Island, where surrounded by water, we are always a bit warmer (or cooler in the spring)…

  • patio garden with container planting on table

    Pam’s Pennsylvania Garden

    My name is Pam Zimmerman, and I garden in State College, Pennsylvania (Zone 5b). I've been gardening at this home since 2006. I have shade in the front of the…

  • close up of red texas star hibiscus flower

    Texas Flowers

    My name is Charlona, and I garden in Houston. I love all kinds of flowers and try to garden for as many pollinators and their caterpillars as possible. I was…

  • close up of large purple Lupine spires

    Ruth’s Ohio Garden

    Today’s photos are from Ruth Barker. I love all flowers and plants, and I love to try new introductions with my existing plantings. I prefer to have lots of pollinators.…

  • large pink daylily flowers in front of a mass planting of smaller yellow flowers

    Joanne’s Nova Scotia Garden

    Today we’re visiting Joanne Eddy’s garden. Our property is just outside Halifax, Nova Scotia, and when we bought the house, it was basically a big blank slate. A few trees…