Colorful Foliage

  • side garden full of tropical foliage plants

    Helena’s Florida Paradise

    Hello, my name is Helena Mahoney. I am 87 years old and live in Vero Beach, Florida. I have been reading Fine Gardening ever since I became a certified Master…

  • a large group of containers full of colorful foliage plants

    GPOD on the Road: Buffalo Garden Walk

    Today Barb Mrgich is taking us along on a walking tour of gardens. A couple years ago, a friend and I took a bus trip to visit the Buffalo Garden…

  • shrub covered in pink flowers in a sea of green foliage

    Linda’s West Vancouver Garden

    My name is Linda Corinaldi. This is my second year sending my photos to you (previous post is here: Putting Down Roots, at Last). In a normal year here in…

  • blooms of an apple tree

    Garden Photos from Maureen

    Today we’re visiting with Maureen Budny in North Reading, Massachusetts. Maureen is an amateur photographer and has shared some of her photos with us before (A Photographer's Eye in the…

  • garden full of foliage

    Doris’s California Garden

    Today we’re off to Antioch, California, to visit with Doris. A little garden structure peaks out of the lush plantings, encouraging you to explore. Formal, straight-edged garden beds are the…

  • colorful foliage plants

    A Lot of Garden in a Small Space

    Today we’re off to the Pacific Northwest to visit Jen Titilah’s garden, a small space filled with lots and lots of beautiful plants. I've always loved plants and the happiness…

  • Design

    Florida-Style Foliage

    Today we’re visiting Lillian Miller’s garden in St. Petersburg, Florida. I have gardened in Italy; Germany; Tacoma, Washington; and the Berkshires in Massachusetts. Now I am retired, but this is…

  • Design

    Gardening in a Hot, Dry Climate

    My name is Mark Howard and I live in Dallas. I've noticed many of the gorgeous gardens featured in GPOD are located near the coast or in cool, rainy zones.…

  • Design

    Spring in the Cascade Mountains

    Here in the company town of Newhalem, Washington, located in the North Cascade National Forest, Bruce Fowler has been busy at work in his home garden. Started less than three…

  • Design

    Last Summer in Syd Carpenter’s Garden

    Today we’re paying another visit to Syd Carpenter’s wonderful Philadelphia garden, where she boldly mixes all sorts of plants and garden art to wonderful effect. If you missed previous visits…