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    Florida-Style Foliage

    Today we’re visiting Lillian Miller’s garden in St. Petersburg, Florida. I have gardened in Italy; Germany; Tacoma, Washington; and the Berkshires in Massachusetts. Now I am retired, but this is…

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    Gardening in a Hot, Dry Climate

    My name is Mark Howard and I live in Dallas. I've noticed many of the gorgeous gardens featured in GPOD are located near the coast or in cool, rainy zones.…

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    Spring in the Cascade Mountains

    Here in the company town of Newhalem, Washington, located in the North Cascade National Forest, Bruce Fowler has been busy at work in his home garden. Started less than three…

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    Last Summer in Syd Carpenter’s Garden

    Today we’re paying another visit to Syd Carpenter’s wonderful Philadelphia garden, where she boldly mixes all sorts of plants and garden art to wonderful effect. If you missed previous visits…

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    Terrific Small Trees for Yards of Any Size

    Trees add beauty and curb appeal to your garden. They increase your property value, bring year-round structure, and provide habitat for wildlife. There’s no doubt planting a tree is a…

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    A Gentle Approach to Planting on a Slope

    When creating a new garden design, I first analyze existing elements, deciding what works, what doesn’t, and why. Architectural and hardscaping elements are a good place to begin. When my…

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    Some Like It Hot

    Using hot colors in the landscape

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    12 Brilliant Astilbes

    Astilbe, translated from Greek, means “without brilliance.” Maybe the wild astilbes that earned this dismissive genus name were drab, but today’s cultivars offer bright flowers, great foliage, and steadfast performance…

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    How to Break Up the Sea of Green in the Garden

    Janice Becker’s garden in Deerfield, Illinois, is an island of horticultural diversity in a neighborhood ruled by turf grass, mature trees, and occasional ground covers. She has created a plant…

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    8 Plants With Long Growing Seasons

    It’s easy to see why spring reigns supreme in the garden. What’s not to love about the saccharine effusion of lilacs (Syringa spp. and cvs., USDA Hardiness Zones 3–8), irises…