Cold Climate - Fine Gardening

  • perfect rows of vegetable crops in a large garden bed

    Gardening in North Dakota

    Today’s photos are from Shiloh in Williston, North Dakota, a chilly spot at the edge of Zones 3 and 4, but that doesn’t stop Shiloh from having a beautiful, productive…

  • stone garden path cutting through large plantings of white flowers

    Gardening at the 45th Parallel (Zone 4b)

    Today we’re in chilly Zone 4b, visiting Susan Warde’s Minnesota garden. Before my husband and I bought our current home in 1981, we’d pass it on neighborhood walks. Gazing at…

  • close up of pink lilies next to small white flowers

    Gardening in Alaska, Part 2

    We’re back today visiting with Susie Zimmerman in her beautiful Fairbanks, Alaska, garden. The garden beds are planted densely and are overflowing with flowers. Just because you garden in a…

  • a lush garden bed with flowers and shrubs

    Gardening in Alaska, Part 1

    Today we’re headed to chilly Fairbanks, Alaska, to visit with Susie Zimmerman. Here are a few shots of my garden. I’ve been at it for about 40 years (with a…

  • close up of various red orange and yellow annual flowers

    Return to Keith’s Zone 3 Garden

    Today we're back to Keith in chilly Zone 3 in Canada. Today I would like to share photos of the latest evolution in my garden that I didn't have room…

  • Design

    Small, Cold, and Full of Flowers!

    Today we’re visiting Ed Elliott’s garden. He and his wife have a small yard and live in a cold climate with a very short growing season, but they haven’t let…

  • Underplant lilacs with other spring flowers.

    Lilacs: Time for a Fresh Look

    Now you can be choosy about fragrance, shape, hue, and flowering time