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    Building a Japanese-Inspired Garden

    Today we’re off to Canada, visiting with Bas Suharto. We’ve seen Bas's home garden before, but today's garden is one that Bas created for a friend. At the end of…

  • Mass of pink cleome flowers

    One of Alan’s Favorite Flowers

    Today Alan Weisberg is sharing one of his favorite flowers with us: cleome (Cleome hassleriana, annual). From the foothills of Haycock Mountain in rural southeastern Pennsylvania I’ve been gardening for…

  • Design

    Some Plants Worth Growing

    Today’s photos come from Hugh Locke in Shrub Oak, New York. A rock and gravel mulch makes an effective backdrop for a few well-chosen plants. The fragrant white trumpet-shape bloom…

  • Design

    Plants the Deer Don’t Eat

    Susan Esche has been facing the same problem as many gardeners: hungry deer. My rural garden near a lake is becoming increasingly popular with the local deer, and this is…

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    Making a Jungle in the North

    Michael Passarello shared his garden in North Stamford, Connecticut, with us last week, and he happily sent in some more photos for us to enjoy today. Michael is a garden…

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    Gardening as an Art Form

    Istvan Dudas, the gardener for a private estate garden in the UK, shared his dreamy, magical perennial borders with us earlier this year, and he’s sent some more images of…