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  • rain garden

    Drainage Solutions for Heavy Clay Soil

    I recently renovated my courtyard, carefully double digging the clay soil and adding plenty of organic matter. When heavy spring rains arrived, I discovered I had created a giant bathtub.…

  • Clay soil

    Amending Clay Soils

    While soils vary considerably across the United States, many gardeners are faced with the challenge of growing plants in heavy clay soil. This may be due to the natural composition…

  • Jack Frost brunnera

    Clay Soil? No Problem!

    Soil is a complex mix of organic materials, mineral particles, living organisms, moisture, and chemical nutrients. Its texture and ability to support plant growth depends on the size of its…

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    Listen to Your Garden

    Today’s photos come from Marilyn Brackney. She has a wonderful garden and a beautiful, musical way of describing her plants. She’s been gardening about 20 years. Her Indiana garden has…

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    From Clay to Lilies

    Loree House shared this beautiful garden, and her key to transforming the difficult clay soil she started with: I live in Ozark, Mo., and have been here working diligently in…

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    Clay Busters

    These tough plants scoff at heavy clay soils

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    9 Garden Myths Demystified

    Don't let these classic superstitions waste your time or harm your plants