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    Jessica’s Tiny, Eccentric Garden

    I'm Jessica Williams, and I have a tiny, eccentric garden that I thought your readers might enjoy. It is organic and very pollinator-friendly while also providing food, flowers, and fun…

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    Gardening With Chickens in Illinois

    Today we’re visiting a garden that blends beauty and practicality. My name is Hailey, and I live in the northwest Illinois backcountry. I have a great passion for both gardening…

  • Purple and chartreuse form the backbone of the color scheme.

    A Garden That Has It All

    My husband and I moved into our house in November nine years ago. I recall the weather vividly because, instead of starting my new journey indoors with painting walls and…

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    Happiness and Keeping Hens

    Everybody should keep hens: go and get some.

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    Suburban Backyard Chickens

    One can only have so many animals in a suburban backyard and suburbia isn’t overly conducive to farm animals…or is it?

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    Raising Animals as Gardening Allies

    Chickens, ducks, and rabbits can add a lot to a kitchen garden. If you build them a decent shelter and take good care of them, they will reward you in…