Chartreuse (color)

  • Design

    Designing With Chartreuse in the Southeast

    Chartreuse foliage—do you love it, or do you have the impulse to throw fertilizer at it? Either way, it makes you look, doesn’t it? That yellow-green shade owes its classy…

  • bold colorful plants in the garden, with shades of red, purple, yellow and chartreuse

    Design a Garden With Bold Colors

    As an amateur artist, I know that four is the number of hues I can use in a painting without it starting to look garish. The more colors you use…

  • Design

    Chartreuse Foliage Makes a Splash

    Somewhere between green and yellow, chartreuse conjures up various fruity words, like “lime,” “lemon,” “pear,” and “pistachio.” In the garden, it once hovered at the fringes of acceptance, castigated by…