• Walkers Low catmint

    The Best Lesser-Known Catmint Varieties

    Few perennials are as hardworking as catmints (Nepeta spp. and cvs., Zones 4–8), which are sometimes also called catnips. While some gardeners might consider them overused by professional landscape designers,…

  • ‘Walker’s Low’ catmint has periwinkle-colored flowers that absolutely cover the plant in spring. Photo: Andy Pulte

    Perennials With Purple Flowers for the Southeast

    Purple is my number-one flower color. If I’m asked to design a perennial-focused garden, there is very little chance purple doesn’t make an appearance. When I saw the Pantone color…

  • Design

    Last Summer in Joan’s Garden

    Today we’re in Weymouth, Massachusetts, enjoying photos from Joan Cogliano’s garden from last summer. The classic climbing rose, ‘New Dawn’, has blush-pink blooms that repeat all summer on a nicely…

  • Purple coneflower

    20 Great Perennials to Start From Seed

    Perennials are the workhorses of most gardens. They reliably return, year after year, and bulk up relatively fast. Perennials can be pricey, though, especially when compared to many annual plants,…

  • Design

    Catmints for the Northwest

    I really enjoy it when mid to late summer rolls around in the Pacific Northwest. We transition from the typical “Juneuary” weather of cooler temperatures and rain to summer’s sunshine…

  • Article

    Sharmila’s Butterfly Garden

    My name is Sharmila Nailadi, and I live in Avon, Connecticut. I have a small butterfly/cottage perennial garden that I started when I moved here almost five years ago. Gardening…

  • Design

    A Professional Gardener at Home

    Welcome to the home garden of Kathleen Cope in Colorado. While I garden for others to make a living, my own garden will always hold the most special place in…

  • Design

    Beauty in the Winter Garden

    Today we’re looking at snow and ice in a new way with Carol Verhake of Berwyn, Pennsylvania. March has come in like a lion here in the Philadelphia area, with…

  • Design

    A Cottage Garden in Connecticut

    Greetings from Darien, Connecticut. My name is Andrea Huntington, and I've enjoyed working on my cottage gardens at my 1780s home. This little garden includes foxglove (Digitalis purpurea, Zones 4–9),…

  • Article

    Overcoming Tough Conditions

    John Markowski shared today’s photos: I garden in zone 6B in Central New Jersey and battle tough conditions including poor draining clay soil and herds and herds of deer and…