• bulb lawn

    Grow a Beautiful Spring Bulb Lawn

    As we head into the spring months after a cold and snowy winter, most of us in the Midwest are looking at drab expanses of turf that are still coming…

  • Summer snowflake

    Summer Snowflake Is a Star in the Southeast

    Everyone, not just new gardeners, is enamored by the seasonal display of spring-flowering bulbs. In the Southeast, daffodils (Narcissus spp. and cvs., Zones 3–9) are without a doubt the queens…

  • Virginia bluebells

    Anticipating Spring in New Hampshire

    Today we’re in Jayne Spaulding’s garden, looking forward to spring. This is my Zone 5 garden in spring, my favorite season. In New Hampshire, spring is short-lived, muddy, windy, and…

  • white daffodils

    Jill’s California Garden

    We’re visiting with Jill Blodget today. We purchased our 5-acre parcel in Cameron Park (Northern California, Zone 9B), in 1998. We spent five years clearing brush, poison oak (some of…

  • snowdrops sprouting

    Snowdrops Chase Away the Winter Doldrums

    Amid the sloshing, squishing, and squelching of spring in the Northwest, green tips and small white flowers start pushing through the soil. Some are up and flowering freely in January,…

  • Gladiola

    ‘Carolina Primrose’ Is Not Your Grandmother’s Gladiola

    Many gardeners are familiar with gladiolas. The usual response when asked about glads, however, along with a shaking of the head and a shudder, is “Not me.” No doubt they…

  • bulb that blooms in late winter

    A Delightful Bulb to Brighten the Late-Winter Garden

    I remember my first experience seeing winter aconite (Eranthis hyemalis, Zones 3–7) in bloom at Fernwood Botanical Garden (Niles, Michigan) over 25 years ago. It was late March when I…

  • Design

    Gambling on Tulips | Letter from the Editor

    Voles and bulbs do not mix well. When I first planted my garden over a decade ago, I didn’t have a vole problem. But in more recent years, my property…

  • Reticulated irises

    Hardy Spring-Blooming Bulbs for Rocky Mountain Gardens

    In the Mountain West we are fortunate to have a wide variety of bulbs to choose from that require minimal care. Our cold winters mean we don’t need to refrigerate…

  • native bulb

    A Native Bulb With a Stunning Spring Show

    It sometimes seems that all bulbs come from either the Netherlands or somewhere around Greece or Turkey. But North America is home to some stunning bulbs as well. Camassia is…