• close up of light pink asiatic lilies

    Bulbs (and Bulblike Plants) in Susan’s Garden

    Today we’re in St. Paul, Minnesota, visiting with Susan Warde. Tulips don’t do well for me, and I don’t have many daffodils, but here’s a seasonal tour of some bulb…

  • close up of Fritillaria flowers

    Bulbs in Northeastern Ohio

    Todays photos are from Kathryn (Kit) Jensen. I garden in a small suburban yard in Zone 6a in northeastern Ohio (South Euclid). During the pandemic it was a focus and…

  • close up of bulb with white and pink flowers

    Bulbgirl’s Unusual Plants

    Today’s posts are from a gardener who goes by the name "bulbgirl" on Instagram. As you can imagine, bulbgirl grows a lot of very cool bulbs! She lives in southwest…

  • succession of bulbs

    Plant a Succession of Unique Spring-Flowering Bulbs

    Planting spring-flowering bulbs in fall is an easy way to bring joy to the garden in the following year. This group of plants brings with them tremendous excitement and early…

  • Greenstar tulip

    Plant These Bulbs in Fall for Striking Blooms Come Spring

    The changing sunlight and temperatures in September in the Pacific Northwest are a signal for some that it’s time to start wrapping up the garden. But it is also a…

  • pink grape hyacinth

    A Grape Hyacinth With Pink Blooms—Just in Time for Fall Planting

    Looking to add a surprising sea of pale pink color to your spring garden? This lovely grape hyacinth, with its small, charming heads of the lightest pink, will help you…

  • bulb lawn

    Grow a Beautiful Spring Bulb Lawn

    As we head into the spring months after a cold and snowy winter, most of us in the Midwest are looking at drab expanses of turf that are still coming…

  • Summer snowflake

    Summer Snowflake Is a Star in the Southeast

    Everyone, not just new gardeners, is enamored by the seasonal display of spring-flowering bulbs. In the Southeast, daffodils (Narcissus spp. and cvs., Zones 3–9) are without a doubt the queens…

  • Virginia bluebells

    Anticipating Spring in New Hampshire

    Today we’re in Jayne Spaulding’s garden, looking forward to spring. This is my Zone 5 garden in spring, my favorite season. In New Hampshire, spring is short-lived, muddy, windy, and…

  • white daffodils

    Jill’s California Garden

    We’re visiting with Jill Blodget today. We purchased our 5-acre parcel in Cameron Park (Northern California, Zone 9B), in 1998. We spent five years clearing brush, poison oak (some of…