• bright yellow and pink orchid flowers on a tree

    Kimberly’s Florida Garden

    My name is Kimberly Pruett, and I live in Cape Coral, Florida. Gardening is my passion. My family moved into our home about three years ago, and the yard had…

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    Bay Area Bounty

    Today we're in the Bay Area of California, visiting Anthony's beautiful collection of plants. This tradescantia (Tradescantia fluminensis 'Variegata') went from a single stem to this in just a few…

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    Creating a New Garden From Scratch

    I am Marcella Mathews from Brisbane, Australia. We have been in our new house for just over three years. I have loved gardening since I was a little girl. My…

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    A Garden Under Glass

    Last week I shared some photos from the outdoor gardens at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond, Virginia. Today we’re taking a trip back to this wonderful place, but focusing…

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    Before and After Down Under

    Brian Mazzer sent in these images of his garden today and what it looked like when he first bought it. I bought my house in the suburb of Holland Park…