• a bouquet of spring blooming plants

    Small-Space Gardening in Texas

    Today we’re off to Texas to visit a gardener who makes the most of a small garden space, filling it with a collection of lovely, cottage-style blooms. A small garden…

  • fall bouquets with yellow, orange, and purple flowers

    Sharing Flowers at Work

    My name is Rebecca Last. I live in Ottawa, Canada, which is roughly USDA Zone 4. It’s the second week of March, and winter still has us firmly in her…

  • bouquet of purple flowers

    Bringing the Outdoors In

    Today’s photos are from Kathy Schreurs in northwestern Iowa. March is here, but regardless of what the calendar will say in a few weeks, most spring flowers will not make…

  • closeup of dahlia

    The Secret to Fresh Cut Flowers

    As summer sets in, gardeners start to think about cutting stems from our beds and borders to bring inside. Everyone loves to see a gorgeous vase of blooms sitting on…

  • Sweet peas in a vase in front of some houseplants

    Garden Bouquets from San Diego

    Today we’re off to San Diego to visit with Catherine Dickerson. One of the things I love about growing lots of flowers is the abundance of bouquets that come from…

  • Perennial Flower Garden
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    Creating a Cut-Flower Garden for Fun and Profit

    Are you looking for a way to enjoy your garden, have plenty of flowers to share with friends and family, and maybe even earn a little spending money too? A…

  • Design

    A Garden in a Vase

    Today’s photos come from Pam Bosse. She sent in some really lovely photos of her garden, but what really caught my attention were the incredible flower arrangements she creates entirely…

  • Collection

    Fourth of July Cutting Garden

    The following plants were used in our Fourth of July bouquet video, but many plants can be grown and used for a Fourth of July cutting garden. If you want…