• containers for borders paths edges

    Containers for Borders, Paths, and Edges

    Containers bridge the gap between hardscape and landscape. They easily go where regular in-ground plantings can’t, softening the harsh edges of sidewalks, large paved surfaces, and narrow passageways. A few…

  • garden geometry

    Use Geometry to Create a Beautiful Garden Plan

    I first met Shirley Williams in 1994 while attending a landscape-design charette. These classes were conducted at several of the participants’ home gardens, including at Brigham Hill Farm, where Shirley…

  • Bold Plants With Stunning Structure

    5 Bold Plants With Stunning Structure

    An interesting, structural layout like the one in this garden deserves interesting, structural plants. The following selections, which grow in prominent areas of the zigzag bed, provide bold accents through…

  • garden design to hide fence

    A Gorgeous Garden Design to Border a Fence

    No one wants to sit in their backyard and stare at a fence, no matter how pretty it is. I have been designing gardens for decades, and not once has…

  • Article

    A Border Worth Waiting For

    If the only thing “fall color” means to you is that it’s time to get out your rake, you are missing what can be the best season in the garden.…

  • How-To

    Putting Your Borders to Bed

    As much as I love gardening, I must admit that I look forward to putting my garden to bed at the end of the season. In the same way my…

  • Perfect Edges for Your Beds and Borders

    Perfect Edges for Your Beds and Borders

    Follow these four steps to keep lawns and beds looking neat

  • Design

    Design Basics: Don’t Plan, Just Plant

    This gardener offers a no-nonsense approach to designing a perennial border