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    GPOD on the Road: The Gardens at HCP

    A good friend of the GPOD, Cherry Ong, is taking us along on a visit to another public garden. It’s exciting to visit a new garden, and this one didn’t…

  • mini stream running through mini garden

    Miniature Gardening on a Grand Scale

    My name is Lori Herlin, and I live on a 4.75-acre lot on the side of a mountain in Asheville, North Carolina. I retired here from Houston seven years ago.…

  • Bonsai trees

    Bonsai Tree Basics

    In defence of the manipulation of trees and in praise of The Karate Kid

  • two container with various succulents

    Container Designs Built to Last

    I started asking more from my container designs when my kids were still young. Three seasons of interest no longer seemed like enough return. I was tired of starting over…