• help birds in winter

    How to Help Birds Survive in Winter

    Our gardens can be valuable habitats for birds, providing nutritious food, nesting sites, and life-saving shelter, especially during the coldest months when overwintering birds are challenged. If we are mindful…

  • plants for migrating birds

    Plants to Fuel Migrating Birds in the Southern Plains

    Late summer through autumn, millions of birds pass through the Southern Plains on their migration to southern wintering grounds. Birds follow four main paths as they migrate. The Southern Plains…

  • An Interview with Doug Tallamy

    Episode 120: An Interview With Doug Tallamy

    We are very pleased to bring you a special episode of Let’s Argue About Plants today, featuring an interview with Douglas Tallamy, PhD, professor of entomology and wildlife ecology at…

  • Design

    Sustainability in the Garden Roundtable (Webinar)

    Join us as we host a lively conversation with experts from the world of sustainability. Designer Kelly Norris, plantsman Panayoti Kelaidis, horticulturist William Cullina, and soil scientist Robert Schindelbeck will…

  • bird in a shrub

    Designing Bird-Friendly Gardens in the Mountain West

    One of the unexpected benefits of working from home during the pandemic has been watching what happens in my yard throughout the week. It has brought me both delight and…

  • How-To

    15 Bird-Feeder Birds of the Southeastern United States

    Gardeners can enjoy watching a variety of wild birds interact and feed by keeping a bird feeder. Taking note of the birds you identify this season can be a fun…

  • Article

    Learning From Gardening in Different Climates

    Today we’re visiting Pam Alvord’s garden in Greensboro, North Carolina. I have loved gardening from an early age. I was certainly just an amateur, but I appreciated and gleaned ideas…

  • Article

    Snow Season

    Today's garden photos come from Cheryl Moon. You featured my “resurrected” gardens in October 2017, the first season after rebuilding from a fire. Those photos didn't show any winter scenery,…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Birds Are Wild for Homemade Suet

    Suet cakes placed strategically in the garden help wild birds find their way to your landscape in winter. Homemade suet is easy to make, especially this vegetarian variety.

  • How-To

    Inviting Birds Into Your Garden

    Birds fill the landscape with song, courtship ritual, and building industry. They also eat up lots of garden pests. Most gardeners would welcome such useful residents. During the 15 years…