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    New Hardy Shade Plants to Grow Instead of the Usual Suspects

    In these socially divisive times, one should not publicly draw comparisons of the character traits between subsets of life around us. But in this instance, as I am older and…

  • ground covers for shade

    27 Better Ground Covers for Shade to Replace Problematic Plants

    “Ground cover” technically refers to the base layer of the four forest levels: ground cover, shrub, understory, and canopy. But in gardening, ground covers are generally considered low-growing or trailing…

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    Truly Tough Shade Plants (Webinar)

    While plenty of wonderful plants will grow in the shade, many of them can be a bit finicky. And it always seems that the prettiest ones—the ones we want the…

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    Shade Perennials for Weed Suppression

    Pulling weeds usually isn’t at the top of the list of anyone’s favorite things to do, so why not utilize nature to prevent those weeds from growing in the first…

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    Episode 63: Color in the Shade

    When you think about shade, do you think about various different colors of green? Maybe a white-striped hosta if you’re lucky? You’re not alone. Many of us think that the…

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    Beauty in the Shade

    When we moved to our little red house on one and a half acres in 1977, I was 26 years old, just married, and beginning to rediscover myself after my…

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    The Fern Fairway

    Today we’re back in Cherry Ong’s fabulous garden in British Columbia. The side garden developed this year is entirely a shade garden featuring ferns. We had so many names for…

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    Woodland Gems for the Midwest

    My favorite springtime destination at my workplace, Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison, Wisconsin, is our lovely wooded Wildflower Garden. Oaks (Quercus spp. and cvs, Zones 4-10), maples (Acer spp. and…

  • Colorful Plants for Shade

    Colorful Plants for Shade

    Nothing has taught me more about gardening than actual work in the garden. Among the lessons learned is that there should be no lack of color in the shade. Why…

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    10 Combinations for Shade

    The secret is in using color to pump up the interest in low-light spots