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  • tall pink sedum

    Upright Sedums Dazzle in Autumn

    Earlier this year I highlighted some of my favorite ground-cover sedums. But I can’t ignore the taller, upright sedums, or stonecrops, which are extremely showy in fall. Upright sedums are…

  • foliage sedums

    Sedums With Far-Out Foliage

    It’s no secret that the leaves of sedums are a big draw for gardeners. Their foliage is bursting with a broad spectrum of color options. If you are looking for…

  • sedums

    10 Stunning Sedums for Dry, Sunny Areas of the Garden

    For many people, the mention of hardy sedums initially brings to mind classic Autumn Joy sedum (Sedum ‘Herbstfreude’, syn. S. ‘Autumn Joy’, Zones 3–9) with its soothing green, fleshy foliage…

  • Episode 119: Favorite Sedums  

    Episode 119: Favorite Sedums  

    What’s not to love about sedums? They’re drought tolerant, they attract pollinators, and they flower later in the season when not much else is going on in the garden. But…

  • creeping sedums

    Creeping Sedums

    These colorful perennials fit into many niches