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  • containers with pollinator plants

    6 Beautiful Pollinator Container-Garden Designs

    Over the last few decades, gardeners and the general public have become increasingly aware of the importance of supporting pollinators. These hardworking creatures are under threat due to habitat loss…

  • Toscano Eupatorium 'Phantom'

    Best Nectar Plants for Butterflies in the Southern Plains

    When it comes to butterfly gardening, I’m a big believer in native wildflowers. Butterflies and wildflowers evolved together, depending on one another for survival. I also prefer natives because they…

  • Design

    3 Pollinator Powerhouse Perennials for the Southeast

    Pollinators are having their day in our sun. I’m talking about the focused rays of human attention and study. By now, you’ve heard the sobering statistics about the decline in…

  • Design

    Designing a Stylish Pollinator Garden

    A few years ago, in an effort to try to help dwindling butterfly and bee populations, my partner Mikel and I plowed up an acre of invasive bittersweet on the…

  • Design

    Pollinators’ Favorite Nectar Plants

    The first spring in the pollinator garden we planted more than two thousand plugs and were itchy to see results. But not much insect activity happened at first. Plants were…

  • How-To

    How You Can Be a Pollinator Partner

    As gardeners, we already know that insects play a vital role in our environment. Granted, some of them do cause damage, but even then, some chewed leaves are a small…