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  • slam-dunk perennials

    8 Slam-Dunk Perennials for the Midwest

    While our gardens are always changing, we certainly put a lot of pressure on our plants to perform and look good, particularly the perennials. The wide range of soils and…

  • perennial seedlings

    Five Perennials That Are Easy to Grow From Seed

    The reasons one should start perennials from seed are many. The most obvious one is the cost savings. Many gardeners focus on seed-starting annuals and vegetables because they think those…

  • Sun King aralia in a garden

    ‘Sun King’ Aralia Is Perennial Royalty for Midwest Gardens

    I’m a huge fan of ‘Sun King’ aralia (Aralia cordata ‘Sun King’, Zones 3–8) and wasn’t surprised when it was selected as the 2020 Perennial Plant of the Year by…

  • Oriental burnet

    Burnets Are Tough and Beautiful Plants

    I have no recollection of burnets—native or cultivated—before my back-to-back encounters with great burnet (Sanguisorba officinalis) in the South Korean countryside and on the grassy steppes of Siberia. The sight…

  • Design

    13 Amazing New Perennials for Your Garden

    Yellowish blooms make it unique Name: ‘French Vanilla’ hibiscus (Hibiscus ‘French Vanilla’) Zones: 4–9 Size: 3 to 4 feet tall and wide Conditions: Full sun; moist, well-drained soil Native range:…

  • Design

    Great Medium-Size Grasses

    When you think of ornamental grasses, the larger the plant, the larger the show, right? Along those same lines, many of us would agree that the smallest grasses at the…

  • Design

    3 Pollinator Powerhouse Perennials for the Southeast

    Pollinators are having their day in our sun. I’m talking about the focused rays of human attention and study. By now, you’ve heard the sobering statistics about the decline in…

  • queen of the prairie

    Most-Wanted Perennials at McCrory Gardens

    Do you have a plant in your landscape that everyone asks about? What is it? Where can they get it? That is certainly the case for us at McCrory Gardens…

  • Design

    A Passion for Perennials

    Today’s photos come from Martha Ruhl. Gardening is my passion. I’m really a novice and just buy what I like. We moved to the northwest suburbs of Illinois six years…

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    10 Perennial Standouts

    The Chicago Botanic Garden’s evaluation program has looked at nearly 10,000 different plants during the past 30 years, most of which were included in one of the more than a…