• dying piñon pine

    Pest Control for the Southwest: Piñon Ips Beetle

    The piñon ips beetle (Ips confusus) infests Southwest-native piñon pines (Pinus edulis, Zones 4–8) throughout the region. According to the Colorado State Forest Service, “Ips beetles, sometimes known as ‘engraver…

  • frass tubes from ambrosia beetles

    Pest Control for the Southeast: Ambrosia Beetles

    Ambrosia is which of the following? (1) A dessert made of oranges and shredded coconut. (2) A group of beetles that can harm plants in the southeastern United States. The…

  • Article

    How to Use Organic Controls to Battle Garden Pests

    As we learn more about the ecological impacts of human actions, it seems only natural that more and more gardeners are seeking out environmentally friendly methods of pest control. One…