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  • tropical plants in fall containers

    Tough Tropicals Make Great Thrillers in Fall Containers—Planting Plans

    While including tropicals in a fall container planting may seem unusual, the fiery oranges and flame reds of plants such as canna can be just the thing to celebrate autumn…

  • Collection

    Regional Picks Collection: Unusual Autumn Stars

    If you’re sick of the same old asters and mums, why not plant an unexpected fall star instead? The following collection highlights some truly out-of-the-ordinary shrubs, trees, and even perennials…

  • Design

    Celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving Late

    Christine Saint-Pierre up in Victoriaville, Quebec, sent in these beautiful photos on Thanksgiving Day—Canadian Thanksgiving, that is, which was on October 14. It has taken me a little bit to…

  • Article

    October Garden

    Lee Miller has been wanting to send in some photos for a long time and finally took the plunge! If you have been thinking about it, why not send some…

  • Design

    Great Plants for a Fall Cutting Garden

    Rely on colorful, long-stemmed plants to keep your vases filled as the season winds down