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  • Native plants for fall color

    Native Plants with Show-Stopping Autumn Color

    In Issue 181, we got to know some of the plants that grace Mt. Cuba Center’s hot, sunny South Garden during the spring and summer months (10 Great Natives for…

  • tropical plants in fall containers

    Tough Tropicals Make Great Thrillers in Fall Containers—Planting Plans

    While including tropicals in a fall container planting may seem unusual, the fiery oranges and flame reds of plants such as canna can be just the thing to celebrate autumn…

  • Collection

    Regional Picks Collection: Unusual Autumn Stars

    If you’re sick of the same old asters and mums, why not plant an unexpected fall star instead? The following collection highlights some truly out-of-the-ordinary shrubs, trees, and even perennials…

  • Design

    Celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving Late

    Christine Saint-Pierre up in Victoriaville, Quebec, sent in these beautiful photos on Thanksgiving Day—Canadian Thanksgiving, that is, which was on October 14. It has taken me a little bit to…

  • Article

    October Garden

    Lee Miller has been wanting to send in some photos for a long time and finally took the plunge! If you have been thinking about it, why not send some…

  • Hot yellow and orange sneezeweed and red-hot poker paired with the cool pastels of asters

    End the Season with Style

    It happens every year. When summer’s heat and humidity ease up and I can think about getting back into the garden, I realize that I haven’t done enough to take…

  • Design

    Great Plants for a Fall Cutting Garden

    Rely on colorful, long-stemmed plants to keep your vases filled as the season winds down