• growing aloe vera

    Growing Aloe Vera in Southern California

    Aloe vera (Aloe vera syn. Aloe barbadensis, Zones 10–11) is only one of many species in the Aloe genus. It is likely native to parts of North Africa where conditions…

  • Design

    Growing Desert Plants in a Rainy Climate

    Today we’re heading to Georgia to see a potted succulent garden and to learn about a way to grow these plants that will work for nearly everyone, even if your…

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    Escape From the Cold and Snow

    Barbara Cain lives in Norwell, Massachusetts. She’s shared some photos from her garden with us before. See some of her favorite tropicals in her garden here. But of course this…

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    The Great Houseplant Migration

    I’m not much of a houseplant person during the warm part of the year. In fact, virtually all my house plants spend the summer outside on the patio, where they’re…

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    Visiting the U.S. Botanic Garden

    I had a chance to visit Washington, D.C., recently and spent some time in one of my favorite spots in that city. Sitting right on the National Mall, the U.S.…

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    Saving Water Without Compromising Beauty

    Today’s photos come from John Lewallen. I live in Glendora, California, which is just east of Pasadena. This is a semi-arid foothill region in Zones 10–11. Over a period of…

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    Cactus collection

    Today’s photos come from Josh in Virginia and show his ever growing collection of cacti and other succulents. His interest in cacti started with trying to find houseplants that his…

  • Spineless Hedgehog™ aloe, Retro Succulents® Carmine™ aloe, Tree aeonium, mistletoe cactus, Cochineal nopal cactus, QIS Orange gomphrena, feather grass and Acapulco Orange hyssop in a brown container

    Pick a Color, Any Color

    Last spring, we challenged our readers to design a container that featured a single color. Whether you have a passion for purple, a yen for yellow, or an obsession for…

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    Aloe Vera, A Favorite and Useful Houseplant

    Aloe vera is a tropical succulent with many uses. It will suffer if left outdoors when the night-time temperatures dip below 40° F; these plants must be brought inside a…