Midwest Regional Reports

  • hardy perennials for midwest
    Midwest Regional Reports

    Tough, Hardy Native Perennials for the Midwest

    Native perennials are becoming more popular and more available to gardeners every year. They have the merits of being adaptable in our climate, and some need less maintenance because they…

  • ninebark growing bright new foliage
    Midwest Regional Reports

    Hard Pruning for Common Shrubs

    Over time, many deciduous shrubs can become overgrown, leggy, splayed open in the center, and less vigorous. A technique called severe rejuvenation pruning, or hard pruning, is a bold approach…

  • Purple-Stemmed Aster
    Midwest Regional Reports

    4 Must-Have Plants for the Midwest

    As garden centers start to open their doors for the season (and we get ready to run into them with open arms), we decided to ask some regional experts what…

  • Early Glow Ohio Buckeye
    Midwest Regional Reports

    The Best New Trees for the Midwest

    Deciding to plant a tree in the landscape can be a difficult decision. You worry not only about how much to spend but also where to properly plant the tree.…

  • Blondo miscanthus
    Midwest Regional Reports

    Grasses for Winter Structure in the Midwest

    There is a wide variety of beautiful perennial grasses that are great for the Midwest landscape. They provide color, form, texture, and movement through their foliage and flowers. They can…

  • Shrubby St Johns Wort
    Midwest Regional Reports

    Great Native Plants for the Midwest

    Growing native plants is the gardening equivalent of having your cake and eating it too. Not only are these plants beautiful and more likely to thrive in your landscape, they…

  • Flame willow
    Midwest Regional Reports

    Hot Winter Color in the Midwest with Willows and Dogwoods

    Winter in the Midwest doesn’t have to mean an absence of bright color. Of course we should be enjoying textures provided by our ornamental grasses, dormant perennials, and other plantings…

  • Pendula Bruns weeping Serbian spruce
    Midwest Regional Reports

    Columnar Conifers for the Midwest

    The different forms of otherwise well-known conifers offer gardeners the opportunity to experiment. These conifers can be part of a composition, serve as anchoring components, act as screens, or be…

  • Fremont’s Leather Flower
    Midwest Regional Reports

    4 Outstanding Spring Plants for the Midwest

    We all have certain plants that immediately come to mind when thinking of a garden in spring. For many, these are daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths skirting the trunks of flowering magnolias,…

  • China Snow Peking lilac
    Midwest Regional Reports

    Ornamental Bark on Deciduous Trees in the Midwest

    A feature that many overlook when selecting a tree is the bark. Distinctive bark contributes visual interest, and an appreciative eye will enjoy the limitless range of beautiful colors and…