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    ‘Strawberry Fields’ gomphrena

    Gomphrena haageana ‘Strawberry Fields’

    An upright, bushy annual with flowers (actually bracts) that resemble bright red strawberries with tiny yellow "seeds.

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    Cinnamon Girl™ distylium

    Distylium ‘PIIDIST-V’

    This variety has shown greater cold tolerance than the species, so it might survive in Zone 6 with some protection.

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    ‘Tropical Storm’ elephant’s ear

    Colocasia esculenta ‘Tropical Storm’

    This striking new Colocasia features dark—almost black—foliage that develops a creamy white center as the season progresses. At about 2½ feet tall and wide, it is also more compact than…

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    ‘White Queen’ caladium

    Caladium bicolor ‘White Queen’

    A tuberous-rooted perennial most often grown as an annual or a houseplant, 'White Queen' has large frosted-looking white leaves that have green margins and bright red veins that bleed.

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    ‘Golden Nugget’ Japanese barberry

    Berberis thunbergii ‘Golden Nugget’

    'Golden Nugget' is a deciduous shrub with nonburning foliage.

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    ‘Becky’ Shasta daisy

    Leucanthemum × superbum ‘Becky’

    This Shasta daisy cultivar has especially large white flowers with yellow centers held on 3- to 4-foot-tall, strong stems that don't need staking.

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    ‘Stella De Oro’ daylily

    Hemerocallis 'Stella de Oro'

    This bright yellow flowered daylily has a long blooming period, producing ruffled flowers over four or five months.

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    Dahlia ‘Bashful’

    Dahlia 'Bashful'

    'Bashful' is a reliable and prolific bloomer.

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    Rosa rugosa ‘Henry Hudson’

    Rosa rugosa 'Henry Hudson'

    'Henry Hudson' has flattened, symmetrical, semi-double, white flowers with a spicy clove scent.

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    Christmas fern

    Polystichum acrostichoides

    The Christmas fern is a particularly accommodating garden plant.