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    Cup plant

    Silphium perfoliatum

    A coarse but bold perennial giant for the back of the border, cup plant has yellow, daisy-like flowers in summer.

  • Black Beauty™ elderberry
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    Black Beauty™ elderberry

    Sambucus nigra 'Gerda'

    Valued for its flowers, foliage, and fruit, Black Beauty™ elderberry is a deciduous shrub that requires regular watering during its first few yearsbut will become more drought tolerant as it…

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    White skunk cabbage

    Lysichiton camtschatcensis

    In early spring, this plant produces 16-inch-long, pointed white spathes that mask spikes of tiny green flowers, with no offensive odor.

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    Thalictrum kiusianum

    Thalictrum kiusianum

    This garden gem forms a 6-inch-high mat of dainty, ferny foliage, and is perfect for a trough or a lightly shaded nook in a rock garden.

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    Creeping Jenny

    Lysimachia nummularia

    Creeping Jenny is a low-growing, rampant, evergreen ground cover with rounded leaves.

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    Little Henry® Virginia sweetspire

    Itea virginica 'Sprich'

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    Thai ruellia

    Ruellia elegans

    This species has open-faced coral-red blossoms from late spring until fall.

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    ‘Illustris’ elephant’s ear

    Colocasia esculenta 'Illustris'

    The heart-shaped leaves of 'Illustris' are huge, and their dark highlights are stunning.

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    Summer snowflake

    Leucojum aestivum 'Gravetye Giant'

    One of the first plants to emerge, this 24-inch-tall bulb bears nodding white bells as early as mid-January.

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    Fountain grass

    Pennisetum alopecuroides

    This species produces 2- to 5-foot-tall mounds of narrow green foliage and bottle brush-like silvery-pink to purple flowers, both of which mature to shades of brown.