10 to 15 feet

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    Dodecatheon meadia

    The delicate nodding blooms of white-to-pink petals seem to fly upward and away from the pointed red and yellow flower center, resembling a shooting star.

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    ‘Splendens’ bottlebrush

    Callistemon citrinus 'Splendens'

    This low-care, evergreen shrub to 10-15 feet tall and wide produces large, bright red bottlebrush flowers from spring through summer followed by woody seedpods.

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    Variegated silverberry

    Elaeagnus pungens 'Maculata'

    This evergreen shrub can light up the dark corners of a garden.

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    Royal azalea

    Rho­dodendron schlippenbachii

    Royal azalea has large, fragrant pink blooms in spring.

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    Peegee hydrangea

    Hydrangea paniculata ‘Grandiflora’

    Large, sometimes giant white flower heads reaching 6 to 18 inches long turn pinkish with age.

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    Rusty blackhaw viburnum

    Viburnum rufidulum

    While North American native viburnums occur most commonly in the eastern United States, rusty blackhaw viburnum flirts with the edge of the Plains.

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    Chinese wild ginger

    Asarum splendens

    There are many species and varie­­ties of wild ginger, but this vigorous, fast-growing, and beau­tiful species tops my list.

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    Desert Willow

    Chilopsis linearis

    Desert willow is shrub native to the Southwest U.

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    Montgomery palm

    Veitchia montgomeryana

    This tropical palm grows to 35 feet tall and has stiff, feathery-textured fronds.

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    Panicle hydrangea

    Hydrangea paniculata

    This plant produces gracefully arching branches and pyramidal clusters of white, then pink-tinged to dusky purple blossoms.