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Mountain sweet

Ceanothus americanus

see-ah-NO-thuss ah-mer-ih-KAY-nus Audio

Mountain sweet is a low-growing, broad, compact, deciduous shrub. Dark-green leaves are irregularly toothed, 2 to 3 inches long, and softly hairy or nearly hairless beneath. This plant bears profuse white flowers in 1- to 2-inch-long terminal clusters.

Noteworthy CharacteristicsTolerates poor growing conditions. Native to the eastern U.S.

CareIdeally, plant in full sun and fertile, well-drained soil. Relatively lime tolerant. Expect 5-10 years' lifespan. Prune in early spring, followed by mulch and balanced fertilizer application.

PropagationRoot greenwood cuttings in mid- or late summer.

ProblemsDieback, powdery mildew, mushroom root rot, fungal leaf spots, and Verticillium wilt are common. Caterpillars, scale insects, lacebug, and mealybugs occur.

  • Genus : Ceanothus
  • Plant Height : 3 to 6 feet
  • Plant Width : 3 to 6 feet
  • Zones : 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Moisture : Dry to Medium
  • Bloom Time : Early Summer, Summer
  • Light : Full Sun
  • Maintenance : Moderate
  • Plant Type : Shrubs
  • Plant Seasonal Interest : Summer Interest
  • Flower Color : White

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