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Chinese snowball viburnum

Viburnum macrocephalum

vy-BURN-um mak-roe-SEF-ah-lum

This semi-evergreen or evergreen shrub has a rounded form. In late spring, it bears flower clusters—sometimes up to 8 inches wide—that start out chartreuse and turn pure white. Dark green leaves are semi-evergreen in Southern states, where it can grow to 20 feet high and 15 feet wide.

CareProvide moist but well-drained soil. Shelter from cold, drying winds.

PropagationTake greenwood cuttings in summer.

ProblemsViburnum beetle, gray mold (Botrytis), rust, downy mildew, powdery mildew, wood rot, Verticillium wilt, leaf spots, dieback, aphids, scale insects, weevils, Japanese beetles, mealybugs, and tree hoppers

  • Genus : Viburnum
  • Plant Height : 10 to 15 feet
  • Plant Width : 10 to 15 feet
  • Zones : 7, 8, 9
  • Light : Full Sun to Partial Shade
  • Flower Color : Green, White
  • Bloom Time : Late Spring
  • Maintenance : Low
  • Moisture : Medium Moisture
  • Plant Type : Shrubs
  • Plant Seasonal Interest : Spring Interest

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