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  • On the Cover of Issue 127

    DESIGNER: Eve Thyrum LOCATION: Wilmington, Delaware LIGHT: High, filtered shade SOIL: Loamy, moist, well-drained soil due to an initial doubledigging with compost several years ago. The bed is now regularly…

  • How to Plant Alliums

    Here are a few things you need to remember when planting alliums: - Plant them in the fall. - Get the root side down, with the pointy end up. -…

  • Plants to Attract Wildlife

    The longer I garden, the more I come to appreciate the beauty, toughness, and benefits of native plants. They provide essential food and foraging requirements for wildlife and are often…

  • Purple smoke bushes (Cotinus coggygria cvs.)

    8 Amazing Shrubs

    A garden designer recommends eight plants that provide reliable good looks without a lot of work

  • How to Direct-Sow Veggies

    Even though I consider myself a thrifty shopper, I often leave the grocery store feeling a lot lighter in the wallet. I just won’t compromise on some things, like healthy,…

  • Six Tips for Effective Weed Control

    Proven methods for controlling weeds in your garden

  • Take a Walk on the Wild Side

    I came to gardening through strictly utilitarian desires: the desire to eat and the desire to nest. My first garden was an urban pea patch, which produced a surprisingly abundant…


  • Alliums All Season Long

    Deer resistant and dynamic, these bulbs provide color from the first showers of spring to the last leaves of fall

  • water garden with plants

    Q&A: Keeping Water Gardens Mosquito-Free

    How do you keep a water garden from attracting mosquitoes? I’d love to have one, but I don’t want the bugs. —Eva Carlow, Iowa City, Iowa John Bueglas, entomologist and…

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