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Yucca filamentosa

These adaptable plants are indigenous to North and Central America and the West Indies. They are grown for their decorative, sword-like leaves that vary in rosette form, leaf width, shades of green or blue, and variegation. They produce very large spikes of hanging bell-shaped flowers that are most often white. They are ideal for containers, desert gardens, gravel gardens, or rock gardens, where their silouettes stand out; also grow in mixed borders, where their forms contrast against a softer backdrop. Some of the tender species form massive specimens.

Noteworthy CharacteristicsThe bold lines of these rosette-forming plants make an architectural statement in both formal and naturalistic garden settings.

CareWidely adaptable to different light, soil, and moisture conditions. Yuccas grow best in full sun to partial shade in rich, evenly moist soil. Tender species grow well under glass.

PropagationRemove rooted suckers in spring. Take root cuttings in winter.

ProblemsCane borers, scale insects, and fungal leaf spots.

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