Victoria cruziana

Victoria is a genus of giant waterlilies that are rhizomatous, deep-water plants from the backwaters of the Amazon River. From thick rhizomes come enormous round, floating leaves, sometimes to 8 feet across and able to support a person’s weight. Flowers bloom at night. They resemble waterlilies and have a pineapple scent. The size of these plants makes them suitable only for large pools in a tropical garden, or in a heated pool in a warm greenhouse. The genus is comprised of two species.

Noteworthy CharacteristicsEnormous floating leaves. Night-blooming, fragrant flowers.

CareGrow in a pool in full sun in at least 3 feet of water.

PropagationCollect seeds when ripe and store in water over the winter. Then, in late winter, sow at 84-90°F, covering seeds with 2 or 3 inches of water.


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