Ipheion uniflorum

The genus Ipheion is comprised of 10 South American species of small, bulbous perennials with starry, honey-scented flowers in spring. Strangely, other parts of the plants smell like onions, but only when crushed. Leaves are grass-like. Use Ipheion in a rock garden, as underplanting for herbaceous plants, or in a cold greenhouse where not hardy.

Noteworthy CharacteristicsStrongly scented flowers.

CarePlant bulbs in autumn in a site with full sun and humusy, moist but well-drained soil. Indoors, provide bright filtered or indirect light.

PropagationPlants can be divided when they are dormant in summer, or started from seed in a cold frame when ripe or in spring.

ProblemsSlugs and snails may damage plants.

Species and cultivars

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