fil-ih-PEND-yew-lah Audio

Plants in the genus Filipendula are characterized by frothy plumes of tiny red, pink, or white flowers held above the foliage from late spring to late summer. These perennials do well by the water, in a moist border, or naturalized in a damp meadow, and a few thrive in boggy conditions. 

Noteworthy CharacteristicsFluffy flower plumes. Does well in damp conditions.

CareGrow all (but F. vulgaris , which likes drier soil, alkaline soil, and full sun) in fertile, moist but well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. F. rubra and F. ulmaria do well in boggy soils.

PropagationSow seed in a cold frame in fall. Divide in spring or fall. Take root cuttings in late winter or early spring by laying horizontally.

ProblemsPowdery mildew, rust, leaf spot.

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