Eccremocarpus scaber

The genus Eccremocarpus is comprised of a handful of climbing perennials from Chile and Peru that are commonly grown as annuals or in a greenhouse. They provide the garden with loose clusters of tubular, brightly colored flowers, usually in shades or red, orange, pink, or yellow. Grow them on trellises, walls, fences, pergolas, or through shrubs and trees.

Noteworthy CharacteristicsClimbing growth habit. Colorful, tubular flowers over a long season. Fast grower.

CareIn the garden, provide full sun; fertile, well-drained soil; and support. Indoors, grow in full light; water sparingly in winter.

PropagationStart seeds indoors at 55° to 61°F in late winter or early spring, or start tip cuttings using bottom heat in spring or summer.

ProblemsWatch out for spider mites and whiteflies indoors.

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