These succulent perennials are grown for their fleshy leaves, pretty flowers, and pear-shaped fruit. The flowers have so many petals, they appear fringed. There are about 20 or 25 species hailing from dry areas of Chile, Mexico, South Africa, and Australia. Grow them in sandy soil as a groundcover, on a bank, or in a desert or coastal garden. They can be grown indoors where not hardy.

Noteworthy CharacteristicsSucculent foliage, creeping growth habit, daisy-like flowers, fleshy fruit. The genus name means "edible fruit."

CareNeeds very well-drained, sandy, humusy soil of poor fertility and full sun. Indoors, provide full light and ample water during the growing season.

PropagationStart seeds indoors at 59°F in early spring, or take stem cuttings in spring or summer.


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