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Ajuga spp.

The genus Ajuga includes annuals and (usually) rhizomatous perennials in 40 species that come from shady habitats in temperate Europe and Asia. Some are grown for their colorful foliage. Most have blue, 2-lipped, tubular flowers in whorls in spring to early summer. Bugleweeds make great groundcovers, especially in moist conditions. They spread from rhizomes or stolons.

Noteworthy CharacteristicsAttractive foliage; tubular, 2-lipped flowers in whorls. Excellent groundcovers, but A. reptans can invade lawns.

CareAjuga needs a moist soil in partial shade (their foliage may scorch in full sun). Some species tolerate poor soils and full shade.

PropagationIn early summer, separate rooted stems or take root cuttings.

ProblemsSouthern blight is very common, while various fungal leaf spots, crown rot, and fungal root rot can also occur.

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