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The Garden Photo of the Day (GPOD) is a daily blog that features new, inspirational garden images each weekday morning. Over the years, it’s become the first thing thousands of gardeners read with their morning coffee. Think of it as your morning shot of green, garden-y goodness!

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  • mass planting of yellow flowers next to a pond
    Garden Photo of the Day

    GPOD on the Road: Springtime at Mt. Cuba Center

    Today Kevin Kelly is taking us along to visit a fantastic public garden. I recently took a trip to Mt. Cuba Center, which is located in Delaware. It opened to…

  • side garden full of tropical foliage plants
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Helena’s Florida Paradise

    Hello, my name is Helena Mahoney. I am 87 years old and live in Vero Beach, Florida. I have been reading Fine Gardening ever since I became a certified Master…

  • winding path cutting through the garden with lots of yellow flowers
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Kristi’s Raleigh Garden

    Hi, I'm Kristi and I live in Raleigh, North Carolina. When we moved into our house 10 years ago, the backyard was heavily wooded. We loved it at first, but…

  • spring plant with chartreuse foliage and pink flowers
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Spring Garden in La Grange, Illinois

    Helen Rehn is welcoming us into her garden today. I live in La Grange, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. I used to long for a lot of sun in my…

  • spring garden full of spreading pink flowers and hostas
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Erin’s New Hampshire Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Erin Sweeney. Hello! We began building our house and garden in 2003 in northern New Hampshire. It is all hand-built and has expanded over the years…

  • bridge over small stream cutting through the garden
    Garden Photo of the Day

    GPOD on the Road: Spring from the Takata Japanese Garden

    Today friend of the GPOD Cherry Ong is taking us along to the Takata Japanese Garden at the Horticulture Center of the Pacific (HCP) in Victoria, British Columbia, which she…

  • old stone fountain with plants planted inside and crocheted around
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Making Garden Magic Bloom

    Today’s post is from Barbara Martin. On May 1,  five friends and I (we've dubbed ourselves the Secret Magic Garden Society) staged a fundraising event to restore the long-ignored and,…

  • garden bed with flamingo garden art
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Jonathan’s Guster Pool Garden

    Today’s photos come from Jonathan Harris, in Maine, who is sharing the garden around his pool, which he calls his Guster Pool Garden, because there are signs on the fence…

  • shrub covered in light pink double flowers
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Spring in Elle’s Garden

    Today we’re in Stamford, Connecticut. Elle Ronis's garden is always spectacular. We’ve visited it before (Elle's Garden), and today we get to enjoy it in peak spring bloom. It wouldn’t…

  • garden bed for full of pink flowers
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Terry’s Creative North Carolina Garden

    Today we’re in Hillsborough, North Carolina, where Terry combines beautiful plants with unusual pieces of garden art and sculpture made from repurposed materials. Money plant (Lunaria annua, Zones 5–9) is…