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The Garden Photo of the Day (GPOD) is a daily blog that features new, inspirational garden images each weekday morning. Over the years, it’s become the first thing thousands of gardeners read with their morning coffee. Think of it as your morning shot of green, garden-y goodness!

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  • formal garden courtyard with fountain and small seating area
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Terri’s New Garden Project

    Today’s photos are from Terri Bennink. We were not able to really work on the front and side yard, as there was a giant sweetgum tree (Liquidambar styraciflua, Zones 5–9)…

  • Garden Photo of the Day

    Bouquets from Amanda

    Amanda Benick is sharing with us today from Cincinnati (Zone 6b). Amanda says that she has been having a bad spring, with lots of up-and-down weather, going from freezing cold…

  • Garden Photo of the Day

    Kevin’s Spring Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Kevin Kelly. Good morning, and welcome to my garden in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (Zone 6b). I have posted on GPOD many times over the years (e.g., Review…

  • close up of small fern fronds
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Lee’s Garden Through the Eyes of an Ant

    Today we’re in the Mohawk Valley in central New York State, visiting with Lee. We’ve see Lee's beautiful garden before (Back to the Mohawk Valley), but today it is from…

  • pink white and purple lewisia growing up a stone retaining wall
    Garden Photo of the Day

    GPOD on the Road: Government House Gardens

    Cherry Ong has visited the beautiful gardens at Government House in Victoria, British Columbia, which is the official residence of the lieutenant governor of British Columbia. More to our interests,…

  • large banana plant surrounded by potted plants in a courtyard
    Garden Photo of the Day

    A Courtyard Garden by the Sea

    Steve in the UK is sharing a very cool, very small garden space with us today. My wife, Emily, and I followed our dream of moving to the seaside from…

  • stone garden path cutting through large plantings of white flowers
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Gardening at the 45th Parallel (Zone 4b)

    Today we’re in chilly Zone 4b, visiting Susan Warde’s Minnesota garden. Before my husband and I bought our current home in 1981, we’d pass it on neighborhood walks. Gazing at…

  • large dinosaur statue in a meadow garden
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Gardening in Altadena Meadows

    Today we’re in Altadena Meadows, California, visiting Andrea Donnellan’s beautiful garden. This is a space she created with the designer Arturo Pedroza. He designed the garden and put in the…

  • plant with large shiny leaves on side of house
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Wayne’s California Garden

    Today we’re headed to Newbury Park, California, to visit with Wayne Jones, who has been gardening there for 30 years. Wayne’s mother was a very impressive gardener, and he is…

  • fallen rhododendron flowers around stepping stone path covered in moss
    Garden Photo of the Day

    GPOD on the Road: Darts Hill Garden Park

    Cherry Ong is taking us on another trip, today to a beautiful public garden in Surrey, British Columbia. She says, “Been itching to visit Darts Hill Garden Park to see…