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Winter Gardening Indoors

marti_n_midwest_moderator | Posted in Midwest Gardening on

Just because cold temperatures and snow have put an end to gardening outdoors for the time being, it does not mean one has to abandon all opportunities to exercise our green thumbs.  I enjoy the blooms on my little collection of African Violets.  Started with a single plant gifted to me by a dear friend it has grown with purchases over the years and propagating new from single leaves of my existing plants. It is a fun activity that is easy and rarely fails me.

What are your favorite indoor plants for the winter?


  1. user-7643737 | | #1

    Christmas cactus and small hydroponic garden.

  2. User avater Moderator
    Chloe_Moderator | | #2

    My favorite winter bloomer is an African violet relative, Brazilian edelweiss. I look forward to it every year!

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