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What can I do about white flies?

CAlexander | Posted in Southwest Gardening on

I’ve tried spraying Neem and it seems to help for a bit but then they come back. Do I just keep spraying?


  1. MLO33 | | #1

    What we've done in my small gardening business in Northern California, is spray the undersides of the leaves where the eggs and larvae are with a soap pesticide product. We've used simple peppermint (some say this is a natural repellent ) Castile soap, diluted at five tablespoons per gallon, but safer soap and other appropriate soap-based pesticides may help. It will not kill the adults, but it can help degrade future populations and minimize the damage they can do. Please be careful to not spray anything if there are pollinators or other beneficials present. Until the drought broke this past winter, we have had several summers of white flight infestation on our citrus trees here.

  2. User avater Moderator
    Dan_Southwest | | #2

    A simple alcohol spray ("rubbing alcohol" 70%) can also be used on most plants, or diluted with 50% water for sensitive plants. Always good to test a leaf first, and always spray in the cooler part of the day. Will kill adults, nymphs and eggs, so spray all affected plant parts, especially the underside of the leaves. Other ideas are adressed here:

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